missouri medical marijuana certification

Dr. Gina Carter, D.O.

Over 32 years of experience as medical practitioners, with experience ranging from pediatric to adult and geriatric medicine. As a veteran, Dr. Carter has focused a fair amount of her career at the VA clinic in Osage.



+ $3.00 surcharge for credit card use

*Full Payment due during your appointment

*does not include card fees from the state of Missouri

Moondance Medical Specialist will guide you through the process and can even apply on your behalf with the state of Missouri.

From your consultation to application submission, obtaining your medical marijuana card has never been easier.  All you need is a smartphone, tablet or a computer with Audio/Video.

1. Complete your application and medical information forms at home on any device


2. We will notify you to schedule your IN-PERSON appointment with our certified doctor.

3. Apply online with the state of Missouri and print your own card or have one of our our affiliated specialist apply for you.




Free Online Assessment

Answer questions about yourself and your medical condition. Our doctors use this information in order to learn more about you before your doctor's evaluation.  After the doctor reviews your evaluation, you will be notified to schedule your appointment, or that you did not qualify.


Schedule Your Evaluation

After completing your online assessment, our doctors will notify you to schedule your appointment where they will evaluate you through a video chat, or phone call to qualify you for a Medical Marijuana Card in the state of Missouri.

Do not schedule an appointment before taking Free Online Assessment


Apply for Your Medical Card

Once you have qualified, you will receive a signed certification that you can submit online or have one of our professionals file for you.


You can apply online with Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services yourself starting at $25.58 or have one of our affiliated specialist apply for you for starting at $35.00


  • MO+MED SERVICES filing assistance removes the frustration of filing for your medical marijuana card with the State of Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

  • MO+MED SERVICES will file for your medical marijuana card with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services on your behalf.

  • MO+MED SERVICES system allows you to use one simple online form to upload documents needed by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services such as photos or scans of the doctor's certificate, recent patient photo, front, and back of MO driver's license, and recent utility bill.

  • MO+MED SERVICES will verify that all of your documentation is complete and correct before filing on your behalf.

  • MO+MED SERVICES will notify you 60 days before your card renewal with the State of Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services is due.