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Good news! Recent changes in legislation allow that your medical marijuana license is good for 3 years. License holders will not have to pay the added 6-10% retail tax at the dispensaries that is charged for recreational sales. Cultivation licenses are now $50 and regular license is same at $25, both good for 3 years

Medical Marijuana Doctor 
Serving all of Missouri!

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Dr. Brayfield will work directly with you though the entire process of receiving your Missouri medical marijuana license.

Over 39 years of experience as a medical practitioner, with experience ranging from pediatric to adult and geriatric medicine. Dr. Brayfield has established himself as a palliative care specialist, additionally, specializes in hospice care.

Tel: (573) 480-0045

* Phone is answered 9AM-4PM Monday thru Thursday,

and 9AM to 2PM on Friday.

Leave a voice message if no answer.  Dr Brayfield will contact you to schedule an appointment

Please take the assessment so we can schedule your appointment

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For an Online Appointment, you'll need:


  1. Good connectivity

  2. Laptop, desktop or Smartphone, with camera

  3. At least average computer skills to be able to download, upload, print, send and receive email attachments

If not I strongly suggest you request an in office appointment with Dr Gina Carter or have someone with good computer skills help you.

Using the Laptop
Image by Maxim Potkin

These steps are a prerequisite to your appointment confirmation:

  1. The doctor will send a DocuSign agreement (Medical Marijuana Release Form) that you can easily fill out on your screen. Read each category, initial where indicated, sign and date at the end.

  2. Register on the Missouri Medical Marijuana Program (MMMP) website. Email or text me the User Name (your email) and Password as I need these to complete your application (click here).

  3. ID pictures needed: Text or email me:

  • Selfie

  • Front of your MO drivers license or Passport or Military ID - Please make sure the ID is not expired

If you have any questions or concerns

please call Dr. Brayfield (573) 480-0045


Charges: Include: video consultation, filing Physician Certification and filing Patient Application and any follow up to address problems or questions.

  • New patient: $150

  • Renewal: $100

  • Caregiver license $25

  • Caregiver renewal $25

  • 10% discount for veterans and persons with disability.

Missouri Medical Marijuana Program - 

  • Application fee - $25

  • Cultivation License - $50

  • Caregiver License - $25

I will take your credit or debit card at the completion of the consultation. There is a service fee for cards.

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Mo medical card.png
Start your online or in-person certification today
No payment needed to schedule appointment
Full payment will be due at time of appointment



*Surcharge for credit card use

*Full Payment due during your appointment

*does not include card fees from the state of Missouri

Dr. Brayfield will guide you through the process and will apply on your behalf with the state of Missouri.

From your consultation to application submission, obtaining your medical marijuana card has never been easier.  All you need is a smartphone, tablet or a computer with Camera Audio/Video.

Home visits are available to incapacitated persons.

After the physician's consultation is completed, the Missouri Medical Marijuana Program will email you your medical marijuana license. You can then open and print off your card.

How do I get my Missouri Medical Marijuana card? 

Patients have the option to make an in clinic appointment or the entire process can be completed online. 

  • Initial assessment forms can be mailed, downloaded and printed or filled out online.

  • Doctor evolutions can be performed in home, in clinic, over the phone or through video conferencing

  • Missouri  online applications can be filed by patient or by a Moondance Medical Specialties Professional

What qualifies me for Missouri Medical Marijuana card?


Per Article XIV of the Missouri Constitution, a qualifying medical condition is:

  • Cancer

  • Epilepsy

  • Glaucoma

  • Intractable migraines unresponsive to other treatment

  • A chronic medical condition that causes severe, persistent pain or persistent muscle spasms, including but not limited to those associated with multiple sclerosis, seizures, Parkinson’s disease, and Tourette’s syndrome

  • Debilitating psychiatric disorders, including, but not limited to, post-traumatic stress order, if diagnosed by a state licensed psychiatrist

  • Human immunodeficiency virus or acquired immune deficiency syndrome

  • A chronic medical condition that is normally treated with a prescription medications that could lead to physical or psychological dependence, when a physician determines that medical use of marijuana could be effective in treating that condition and would serve as a safer alternative to the prescription medication

  • A terminal illness

  • In the professional judgment of a physician, any other chronic, debilitating or other medical condition, including, but not limited to, hepatitis C

  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, Huntington’s disease, autism, neuropathies, sickle cell anemia, agitation of Alzheimer’s disease, cachexia, and wasting syndrome


MMS is committed to and has implemented required safeguards to ensure its devices, services, websites and data systems are compliant with the regulations and conditions set forth in the Health Insurance Portability and Availability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

10% discount for veterans
Inform your doctor when paying at the end of the appointment

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